Monday, August 2, 2010

My Story In Photos: Random Act of Kindness

I Heart Faces is honoring the charity Inspiration Through Art ( this week. They have asked that we share how we have used photography to help others. I would like to take a little different approach to this because I'm not the type to brag about things I myself have done. Instead, I'd like to share a story about a Random Act of Kindness that began my photography journey.

A year ago in October, I went to visit my little sister in Fort Collins a week before her birthday. I came armed with presents to give her, but they did not even compare to the surprise she had waiting for me. Holly knew that I was fascinated with photography and frustrated with my point-and-shoot. So when her digital camera broke, she went out and bought a DSLR, knowing that she would give it to me. I was absolutely speechless when she handed me the Canon Rebel that she had bought me. The only "requirement" was that I hand over my point-and-shoot and that I take her engagement pictures when that day came.

Since that day, I have become hooked on learning the ins and outs of taking a good picture. (Still working on it of course...) I have taken many pictures with that Canon for friends and family and love to see their faces when they see an image that speaks to them. In the past couple weeks, I've had several people ask me to take pictures for them. If Holly hadn't bought me that camera, I never would even be in this position.

Here is a picture of my sister on her new horse, Cupcake:

(is she not the most gorgeous model?!)

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