Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, to be young again...

Going home for Christmas means getting to see our niece and nephews whom we never get to spend enough time with...

Sam (3 yrs)

Sam cracked us up with all of his tall tales during our visit. One of the best was when he claimed that he and Uncle Mikey went ice fishing and a great white shark bit two of his fingers off. What an imagination this little boy has!

Will (17 months)

Will is so much more reserved than his cousins. He almost always has a serious look on his face. I was grateful to have a little bit of time rocking him to sleep because he isn't much of a snuggler.

Owen (21 months)

I unfortunately didn't get many pictures of Owen while we were home because this little one does not sit still for more than about five seconds! He was mid-yawn in this picture, but I didn't have much to choose from! What a sweet busy body this one is!

Tayler (7 yrs)

Tayler was with her dad for most of the time we were in Casper, so we only got to see her on Christmas day. She gets more and more beautiful each time I see her. She doesn't like getting her picture taken, so this was rare-- her smiling for the camera, showing off one of her new toys.

Zackery (4 yrs)

Zack adores anything and everything "cowboy," even if it took two of us to get this outfit on for Christmas dinner. I enjoyed getting to read Skippyjon Jones to him two nights before bedtime. He shares his love for reading with his Auntie Mary.

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