Thursday, June 16, 2011

another angle

When I tell people I have a pool in my backyard, this is what I mean by "pool":

Sometimes we become so wrapped up in everything that's going WRONG in our lives, that we forget about all that is good.

God is good.
Life is good.
And I'm learning to say, "I'm good."


  1. Love it! Can I come and we can lounge in the "pool" (maybe just our feet) with a beer in hand???

  2. I love it, too! When my boys were little, I'd buy a BIG plastic pool that was large enough for ALL of us to be in. They could play and I could chill. Sometimes my neighbor joined us, too. :-)

    I agree - it's too easy at times to get sucked into the "what's wrong" category of life. There will always be something wrong. The majority of people will be happy to tell us all about it, along with the media. But when kept in perspective, life isn't always as bad as we make it out to be. And God is definitely always good. Hallelujah!! :-)

  3. Now you need a swing set to put that pool at the bottom of the slide. :-) Oh, childhood...

    And by the way, you are good. You shouldn't have to convince yourself of that one!