Friday, June 3, 2011

What to Wear Installment 1

When scheduling photos, people often ask what they should wear. For any photo, you should stay away from logos and wild prints that will be distracting. Also, you want to wear colors that look good on your skin, eye, and hair color. Keep in mind the location in which you are getting your pictures taken-- your clothes should be consistent with the overall feeling you want to create and should not blend into the colors behind you.

One fashion faux pas when it comes to family pictures is everyone wearing the exact same outfit. The key is to coordinate with complementing colors, but not put your husband in the same outfit you are wearing. (Scary!)

Here in Grand Junction, we are rather limited when it comes to shopping. I chose two stores we have here (Old Navy and Gap) to come up with outfits that coordinate, rather than match, so we all get the picture here.

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