Monday, June 25, 2012

Mount Garfield: Conquered

 This is Mount Garfield. She sits off of I-70 at over 6,600 ft. in altitude and welcomes west-bound visitors into the Grand Valley.

I had been wanting to hike this sucker for awhile now, so we began a trek up her steep trail at 7 pm on a Saturday night to avoid the 100°+ temps we've been having.

And this is the Lu. She is our trusty sidekick of all things adventurous.

We reached the top right at sunset-- perfect timing for some silhouettes.
This is the hubs' victorious pose.

 And this is mine.

Our view of the sky on the way down-- a little nerve-racking relying on a flashlight and a headlamp for our only light.

But... It Was A Success!

P.S. A girl needs fun climbing attire...

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