Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For Katie

there is no comfort,
no joy
in times like these,
except for knowing
that God heals all things
and wipes every tear
when we one day join with Him
and all of our loved ones
who have gone before us.

On the evening of June 30th, my sister-in-law Katie had a severe asthma attack and collapsed while photographing a wedding. Although she suffered from countless asthma attacks throughout the years, this one was fatal. She was a month away from her 25th birthday.


Just typing those words makes my heart ache all over again. I go back and forth between mourning and not believing that it ever happened. But it did, and my mind is trying to spare my heart from the pain of all that this beautiful woman left behind.

Katie was married to my brother-in-law with whom she had two gorgeous babies. My nephew and niece were nothing short of miracles as she had been told that she could not have children. 

She was an incredible artist who owned a successful photography business. She inspired other photographers with her talent and will forever be remembered by the images she created for other families.

We miss you, Katie.

This is one of the photos I took last fall when Katie + family came down for a visit. She was pregnant with her daughter at the time.

Until we meet again...


  1. So touching!! What a great post for Katie. I miss her daily and think of her every minute. I to try to believe it didn't happen. Live you Mary!

  2. I'm so sorry, Mary. This brings tears to my eyes...I could tell from pictures you've posted in the past that you were close and that she was a very cool chick. I'm praying for peace for you and the family. Love you