Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I ♥ Faces: "Yellow" Photo Challenge

I had all these great ideas for the yellow theme this week, but as usual, I have no models! I told my husband that we needed to start having kids so I actually had subjects for these photo contests. He responded with, "I think that is a REALLY bad reason to have kids." Touche.

I haven't entered the contests in a few weeks, so I tried my best to do a self-portrait WITHOUT a tripod. This is what I came up with...

"No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books."

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

To see more yellow photos go to:


  1. Well, I like it! Your eyes are perfect.

  2. without a tripod??? This is a great shot.

  3. You have beautiful eyes! Great entry :)

  4. No tripod? That's a great pic! Love the yellow border too. :)
    Thanks for the blog love!