Monday, July 12, 2010

Story in Photos: I Heart My Country

I ♥ these United States of America because...

I am free to worship my God.

I am free to speak my mind.

I am free to keep and bear arms.

I am free to vote for my leaders.

I am free to live, to laugh, and to love.

And besides... red, white, and blue just look good together.


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  1. Great montage! I'm so proud to live in the good 'ol US of A too!

  2. so festive and bright! love your Summer pics! :-)

  3. what a great collage of photos. vibrant and fun! i love it =)

  4. I love your collage and I LOVE what you wrote. We do have great freedom in the United States, don't we?

  5. LOVE it! great story they tell!