Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday

This is my first "Sweet Shot Tuesday" and now that it's 10:20 pm on Tuesday night, I'm just barely making it...

Last night Mike and I went on a 6-mile hike, including what's called Holy Cross Trail. I almost died. Ok, not really, but I felt like it. I was definitely not made to be a hiker. Here is the Holy Cross the trail's name refers to:

It's made of railroad ties and has a great view of the valley and the mountains in the background.

Plus, I love anything with crosses, and of course, black and white.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. wow, nice black/white. I like how that cross is in the middle of the wilderness or dry place. It is like a refrence point. It stands as a reminder of where to look when we go through the valley of our own lives. Nice shot!

  2. Wow. Lovely picture. I love the background of the cross. Great job!