Monday, May 16, 2011

Capturing Motherhood

Last week's theme for I Heart Faces was Motherhood, but I didn't get a chance to get a shoot in before then.
So, here's the long story on how I got some Motherhood pics finally (just in case you are interested in my boring life...)

On Friday afternoon, I left work and picked up Mike from his job (using one car right now since his wreck). We were headed to  have a couple beers after a rough past week (TGIF) when I hit a curb straight-on going over 30 mph. No, I was not under any sort of influence. Here are my excuses: the curb is in a weird spot; it was in the shade, making it hard to see; a pedestrian walked into the street from the right, and I veered left to avoid her. Therefore, Curb=1, Frenchy the Fusion=0. Both the driver's side front and back tires were blown. We had our insurance call a tow truck to take us to the tire store, but we needed someone to take us to our house first so that we could pick up an extra tire we had for my car already. Mike called our friend Melissa and she showed up in no time and without any hesitation about doing us a favor. Later that night I asked if I could return the favor by taking her and Jackson's pictures on Saturday. I'd been wanting to try a new spot out anyway. She agreed to be my guinea pig.

So, now that you know all the details that led up to our little shoot, here are a few snapshots of Melissa and her son Jackson that I got that evening. (We were hoping for a colorful sunset, but the low clouds got in the way of that...)

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  1. Those are just awesome! I love the balloon shot!