Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Popcorn Cake

I'm going to share another receipe of a dessert that I loved in my childhood. Most of my memories of this cake are from around Halloween time.

My family never celebrated Halloween because as Christians, we weren't too keen on celebrating a "holiday" that began from pagan rituals. The church we went to growing up had "Hallelujah Night" instead. This was a night where the parents contributed to a big pot luck dinner, we carved scripture in pumpkins, and took part in fair-like games down at the fairgrounds building. Childhood friends always told me that they felt sorry for me, not being able to participate in trick-or-treating and all, but I liked being unique and telling kids why I didn't celebrate Halloween. (I'm sure their parents told them something like, "Oh, that's just those over-the-top Christians, honey!") But growing up in a conservative, Christian home, I was teaching my friends about Jesus and pro-life talking points, all by the age of about, oh, seven.

Anyway... I kind of really lost track there. The whole point of that story was leading to how I remember my mom making Popcorn Cake and bringing it to Hallelujah Night. So without further ado...

Popcorn Cake
(makes 3 bundt size cakes)

1 large bowl of popcorn
1 medium box caramel corn
1 large bag of M&M's
1 jar of peanuts
2 bags of large marshmallows
4 sticks of butter

Mix the dry ingredients.
Melt your marshmallows and butter together.
Pour over the dry ingredients and mix.
Push into a bundt pan.
Let cool before popping out of the pan and putting on a cake stand or plate.



  1. OMG! Your mom used to make this ALLLL the time! So yummy! I had totally forgotten about it!