Sunday, February 26, 2012

DIY Wedding Accessories: Dress Hanger & Head Table Signs

Dress Hanger

Supplies: Wood hanger (without a metal rod), floral or jewelry wire (between 12-18 gauge), wire cutters, super glue, drill with a really small drill bit, hot glue gun, ribbon, and crafting flower.

1. Drill two holes just slightly bigger than your wire into the inside edge of the hanger.

2. Leaving some straight wire at the beginning and room for more at the end, shape your wire into the words you want (e.g. "mrs. so- and so," both first names with a heart in the middle, "bride," etc.). This sounds like a lot harder than it is-- just be patient and remember you can unwind and untwist anything you need to.

3. Cut the remaining wire off, making sure that you have enough length to fit into the sides of the hanger.

 4. Put a little bit of glue into the two holes and insert the wire. Let sit to dry.

5. Hot glue a pretty flower or other decorative item on the top of the hanger. I found some flowers on sale near the scrapbooking department at Michael's that match the bride's wedding colors.

6. Tie a ribbon around the top.

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Head Table Signs

Supplies: wood plaques, craft paint, paint brushes, alphabet stencils, sandpaper, wood stain, drill, and twine.

1. Paint the plaques a solid color. It should take about three coats to get it solid.

2. Using stencils, lightly trace the letters you want onto the plaques with a pencil.

3. Paint in the letters with another color (use a tiny paintbrush!). This should take another three coats or so.

4. After the paint is dry, rough up the edges with sandpaper. (I also used keys to ding up the wood as well.) Using the tip of your finger, go over the edges and dings with wood stain. Then smear more wood stain over the top of the plaque with your finger to give the entire plaque a distressed look.

5. Drill two holes in the top corners and string a piece of twine through so that the plaques can hang on the head table chairs.

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