Sunday, February 17, 2013

6th Anniversary

It has been ages since I've made a post to my blog and for the four of you who read this, sorry 'bout that one! Teaching isn't a profession for the the lazy and unmotivated, that's for sure. But when you add several obligations on top of the full-time job, it can be killer. This year has been the busiest I've ever had in my life.

Today is my 6-year wedding annivesary, so I forced Mikey to take a few photos in the backyard with me. We froze our tushes off for all of about 4.5 minutes to get these:

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  1. Dear Jesus, you two are adorable. I love your creativity my dear friend. I wish we lived closer because I think you could capture some great memories of my new little bundle that I can't. :( I miss you and I'm excited to see you sometime this summer...It's been too long! :( boo hoo booohooo