Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Flowers

It's time for planting!
Geraniums-- a requirement every year since it's the only flower that I've proven I can't kill.

 Trying purple dahlias (and some little yellow thingy-ma-bobs) in the window box this year.

I will probably murder the poppy within a couple weeks (doesn't it look so... delicate?), BUT I couldn't help buying that adorable little flower.

P.S. Did you catch my gardening beverage? Have you tried the new Budweiser Lime-A-Ritas? They are a must try, people! It's my new favorite drink.

And while I like to blog about happier things, it is a known fact that every time my husband is gone for drill, something breaks. This weekend it is an irrigation valve that won't quite close. The result: two dogs that went hog wild in the mud that it's created. So in contrast to the pretty flower pictures and to show a little dose of reality of my weekend, here's Lu and her new friend Bailey:

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